Jeanne Calment

Our lab studies age-related cognitive decline in a nonhuman primate with a short lifespan, the common marmoset. We use an integrative approach to investigate how biological sex and sex steroids affect healthy and pathological neurocognitive aging.

Normal Aging and Alzheimer's disease
Are there sex differences in the trajectories of age-related cognitive decline ? Can we identify predictors of pathological aging? 

Women's health

Estrogen loss due to menopause or certain cancer treatments is associated with cognitive deficits, sleep and emotional disturbances and hot flashes. Our studies seek to understand mechanisms and finding safe treatments


congratulations !!!

- Mélise Edwards wins a FORD FELLOWSHIP !

- Jen Jeong, Taylor Schmeizer and Alexis Veautour complete their Honors Theses and are on their way to vet school !

- ​​Emily Rothwell awarded a postdoctoral NIH F32 award !

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