Jeanne Calment

Our lab studies age-related cognitive decline in a nonhuman primate with a short lifespan, the common marmoset. We use an integrative approach to investigate how biological sex and sex steroids affect neurocognitive aging.

Normal and Pathological Aging
Are there sex differences in the trajectories of age-related cognitive decline ? Can we identify predictors of pathological aging?

Women's health

Menopausal women complain of 3 major symptoms: cognitive deficits, sleep disturbances and hot flashes. All are triggered by estrogen loss, but we know very little about the mechanisms

-Congratulations to Mélise Edwards who wins an Early Career Award from the Neuroscience and Behavior program ! she also received a CRF travel award, NeuroScholars Program Acceptance at the Associate level AND a 2020 CRF Graduate Grant Writing Program that will allow her to work on an NIH F31!

- Congratulations to Emily Rothwell for a travel award to the SBN year

​​Emily Rothwell awarded a postdoctoral NIH F32 award!

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Nephew, B. Febo, M., Cali, R., Workman, K. P., Payne, L., Moore, C.M., King, J.A. and Lacreuse, A. (2020). Robustness of sex-differences in functional connectivity over time in middle-aged marmosets. Scientific Reports, 10, 16647.


Lacreuse, A, Raz, N, Schmidtke, D, Hopkins, W.D & Herndon, JG (2020). Age-related decline in executive function as a hallmark of cognitive aging in primates: an overview of cognitive and neurobiological studies. Invited paper, Special issue on “"Evolution of the Primate Aging Process", Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B.

Vaughan E, Le A, Casey M, Workman K & Lacreuse, A (2019). Baseline cortisol levels and social behavior differ as a function of handedness in marmosets (Callithrix jacchus). American Journal of Primatology;81:e23057.

LaClair M, Febo M, Nephew B, Gervais NJ, Poirier G, Workman K, Chumachenko S, Payne L, Moore MC, King JA & Lacreuse, A. (2019). Sex differences in cognitive flexibility and resting brain networks in middle-aged marmosets. eneuro:ENEURO.0154-19.2019.

related media

Gervais, N. J., Remage-Healey, L., Starrett, J. R., Pollak, D. J., Mong, J. A., & Lacreuse, A. (2018). Adverse effects of aromatase inhibition on the brain and behavior in a non-human primate. J Neurosci. doi: 10.1523/jneurosci.0353-18.2018


Workman, K. P., Healey, B., Carlotto, A., & Lacreuse, A. (2018). One‐year change in cognitive flexibility and fine motor function in middle‐aged male and female marmosets (Callithrix jacchus). American journal of primatology, e22924.


Agnès Lacreuse, Ph.D.
Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

University of Massachusetts

Morrill IV North, 639 North Pleasant St

Amherst, MA 01003

​Telephone : 413-545-2183

Email :


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